Why Dennis Collins Had To Go To Central America To Rescue This 1983 Jeep Scrambler

Ethel Walsh

Only 4,000 1983 Jeep Scramblers left the factory, making this a rare find for Dennis Collins.

In his latest YouTube video, Dennis Collins goes the extra mile to track down a highly desirable 1983 Jeep Scrambler. However, the effort means a trip to Central America. So, Collins brings viewers along for a classic car rescue trip to Belize.

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In Pursuit Of A Rare Jeep Scrambler

After multiple plane trips and a car ride, Collins arrives at a remote resort to begin his Jeep-buying excursion. He’s excited about the one-family-owned Jeep Scrambler that’s been in Belize for the last six years. What’s particularly appealing is the rarity of this Jeep. According to Collins, only 4,000 1983 Scramblers left the factory. Of these, only 80 came with the Laredo trim and red paint.

This Jeep isn’t perfect; some minor exterior corrosion and a few dings are evident. But these shortfalls get made up for by an odometer with 29,000 miles and options like air conditioning and power steering. Despite the long trip, Collins is happy with his pursuit and seals the deal.

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Making This Jeep Buy Official

Front view of a red 1983 Jeep Scrambler
Via YouTube/Dennis Collins

Arguably one of the most interesting aspects of this buying trip is dealing with the local bureaucracy. Unlike in the U.S., the paperwork process in Belize gets handled in an old-school way. Viewers see a handwritten Belizean vehicle title and watch Collins weave through the Department of Transport.

Interestingly, the local government kept the Jeep Scrambler’s previous Texas title on file. So, Collins will get this document back as part of the purchase process. A handy thing as the Scrambler will eventually make its way back to Collins in the Lone Star State.

Collins Grabs Another International Jeep

Dennis Collins with a 1981 Jeep CJ-7
Via YouTube/Dennis Collins

Following his Jeep adventure to Belize, Collins fills viewers in on another vehicle he acquired from an overseas source. He’s gushing over a gleaming black 1981 Jeep CJ-7 Laredo that came from Italy (but originally came from the Jeep factory in Ohio).

An exterior tour reveals the subtle changes necessary for the European market. Amber Cibie fog lights are the first clue, followed by front turn signals that moved from the grille to the top of the fenders. Meanwhile, the unique taillights are another indicator that something is different.

But it’s what’s under the hood that really separates this Jeep CJ-7 from domestic models. Here, Collins shows off a factory-installed, Isuzu-sourced diesel. Remarkably, the vehicle has only 27,000 kilometers (almost 17,000 miles).

Source: YouTube/Dennis Collins

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