Travis Pastrana’s New Florida Gymkhana Drift Video Will Leave You With Skid Marks

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The Hoonigan team regularly produces some of the wildest and most entertaining content on the internet. Perhaps some of their most famous videos are the incredible Gymkhana videos, mostly featuring Ken Block hooning around in some ultra-incredible vehicles, making some noise and laying down a lot of rubber. This year, Gymkhana took a twist with the electric Audi Hoonitron taking center stage in Electrikhana 2022. Now though, a new Gykmkahna film is also released, and this might be the most spectacular and wildest one yet.

Travis Pastrana is of course no stranger to the epic adventures that Hoonigan get up to. Whether it is their drag races or any of the other content they are producing. This year, Pastrana and Hoonigan unveiled the amazing 1983 Subaru GL Family Huckster, a car that is a rally-ready blast from the past that has a total power output of 862. This car and Pastrana, are the stars of the latest Gymkhana video, which sees Pastrana and the GL Wagon tear up the streets in Florida in a wild, noisy and ultra-cool adventure in what could be the best Gymkhana ever.

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Letting Rip With The Family Huckster Wagon

The video opens with Pastrana jumping out of a building, and then it cutting to a fake news report of him involved in a “base jump” mishap. Following that, we see Pastrana chilling on Fort Lauderdale beach, next to crutches, and with the GL Family Huckster sat across him, ready for the latest adventure. The active aero is on full display, as Pastrana gets up to give the 165 mph beast its epic Gymkhana run. This Travis Pastrana’s Gymkhana 2022 Vacation Shred. Except this is a vacation with a bit of a difference. Pastrana leaves the beach and heads out into the town.

Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 2022 Family Huckster Drag Racing Cleetus McFarland
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

He throws the Family Huckster around in a way only Pastrana could, grinding across the barriers in the middle of a bridge, before donating around a jet ski on wheels with bikini clad Florida girls on it. Pastrana then roars off into town again performing some utterly incredible reverse turns before heading off into a car park and out into the outside again, donuting around the Monster Jam Truck. Pastrana gets bored of that, and decides it’s time to have a drag race with a certain Cleetus McFarland in his Chevy El Camino, all the way from the Freedom Factory.

Pastrana Heads Outta Town For More Gymkhana Fun

Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 2022 Family Huckster 165 Mph Jump
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

After an epic drag race with McFarland, Pastrana heads out of Fort Lauderdale and across a rather mighty bridge while an L-39 Albatross training aircraft follows him, with the Family Huckster getting up to 165 mph in one of the coolest shots we have seen in any Gymkhana video. The epic footage does not stop there though. It’s time for a 165 mph jump over a bridge, one of the most lairy things we’ve ever seen with a rough landing for Pastrana and the Subaru.

Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 2022 Family Huckster Inches From Barrier
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

But both take it in their stride and off he goes again. Straight into another jump, over a helicopter. No, that is no illusion. Pastrana really did jump over a helicopter at over 100 mph. We told you this Gymkhana was epic. It’s now time for a bit of slaloming around a few monster trucks before splashing through the water, which a jet ski rider then decides to jump through to add another layer of epic to an already incredible video. Through the mud goes Pastrana and the Family Huckster, before our friend in the helicopter comes to play.

Donuts Around A Helicopter Are Just Hoonigan Things

Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 2022 Family Huckster Donuts With Helicopter
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

Pastrana lets the helicopter spin around with him as he conducts donuts around it, or almost with the helicopter, before he hops out of the wagon and onto the helicopter. We then cut to a rather hilarious and very 1980s style advert for Pastranaland Subaru, with Travis Pastrana playing the classic salesman with cars such as the Subaru SVX, calling it “the future, but in the past”. Then he gets into the all-new Subaru WRX to give it the Pastranaland Stamp of Approval on tarmac, snow, and of course gravel.

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One Of The Most Rowdy Gymkhana Videos Ever

Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 2022 Family Huckster Jumping
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

Thus ends a Gymkhana that is surely one of the most rowdy the Hoonigan team has ever made. Jumps of over 100 mph, jumping over helicopters and performing a crazy drag race with Cleetus McFarland in Florida. What could be better than that? Oh yeah, adding in a few monster trucks, a couple of jet skis, and a helicopter performing donuts with the Family Huckster. With every Gymkhana, we wonder if the Hoonigan team can step it up further. Well it very much looks like they have. Over to Mr Block then to see what the Hoonigan team can come up with for their next epic adventure.

Source: Hoonigan YouTube Channel

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