The Jeep Compass Is the Least Affordable Used Car to Buy in West Virginia, According to iSeeCars

Ethel Walsh

No one needs to tell you just how crazy car prices have gotten in recent years. Considering all the carryover effects of the pandemic, stifled vehicle production, supply chain shortages, and economic inflation, it’s no wonder used cars are much more expensive today than they’ve been in years past. Depending on which U.S. state you call home, your region’s used car pricing could be downright frightening right now.

A study conducted in October 2022 took a closer look at which states have some of the highest used car prices. Rooted in metrics, affordability data, and cost of living estimates, one used model per state is considered the least affordable to buy. For anyone who’s been eyeing the Jeep Compass, buying one used in West Virginia might cost you more than you expect. Here’s more about used Jeep Compass pricing and other findings from this least affordability study.

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