Jaguar Is Going Electric in 2025: Here’s What We Know

Ethel Walsh


Jaguar Land Rover announced a new corporate strategy called “Reimagine” back in 2021. The plan does include significant changes for Land Rover, but those changes pale compared to those coming to Jaguar — as JLR will reimagine the storied British luxury-slash-sports car brand from nearly the ground up.

Few details have emerged about Jaguar’s future since that announcement. But here’s a rundown of what we know so far.

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Jaguar is going all-electric by 2025

New Jaguar EVs will run on an in-house-developed platform

Jaguar will relaunch with three new SUVs

According to Autocar, Jaguar will launch with three (or really two) all-new electric SUV models. The smaller one will be sold in both two and four-door versions, positioned as two separate SUVs. It will offer both single-motor and dual-motor AWD versions. It will be joined by a larger four-door SUV only offering a dual-motor AWD powertrain.

The vehicles will likely be sportier and more overtly road-going to distinguish themselves from Land Rover. And per Motor Trend, the larger flagship Jaguar model may retain the XJ nameplate.

Expect Jaguar to go dramatically upmarket

The days of Jaguar selling sub-$50,000 cars appear to be numbered. Per Autocar, Jaguar’s smaller SUV may start in the £80,000 to £90,000 range, which works out to about $100-$110,000 in America. High-end versions may end up around $150,000. And $150,000 could be the starting price for the larger SUV, which could stretch up to $250,000 and challenge the likes of Bentley. That pricing would make the I-Pace the entry-level Jaguar.

When will see this new Jaguar?

Not for a while. Per Autocar, Jaguar wants to show not tell with this transition. As a result, the brand may stay mum until it has a flashy, almost-production-ready prototype to show off. And that may not happen until late 2024 — though we’d expect more details to be announced or leaked before then.

So, all of these Jaguar changes are set in stone? Not exactly

Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolore, who was spearheading all these big changes, just resigned after a mere two years at the helm. JLR currently has its CFO serving as interim CEO.

New management almost inevitably leads to altered projects, focuses and timelines. We could see Jaguar broaden its vision; or, we could also see JLR’s owners, the Tata Group, opt to shutter Jaguar altogether and focus on Land Rover.

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