This Is Why Every Enthusiast Wants The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45

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When you think of cars made by Toyota, dependability, reliability, and practicality all come to mind. The Toyota Land Cruiser has no shortage of these attributes!

With global sales totaling over 10 million units, to call the Toyota Land Cruiser a classic would be an understatement. The Land Cruiser has been on just about every inch of the world – conquering inhospitable areas previously unknown to any other automobile. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a favorite for those seeking to explore remote habitats and set out on dangerous expeditions. Folks know that a Land Cruiser is THE vehicle to get them to their destination.

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 hails from the years 1963 to 1967. But, four years can really make an impact! The FJ45 makes us do a double take when compared to other Land Cruiser models throughout the decades prior or since. For being the most reliable SUV, the special FJ45 gives us a bit more than just consistency. This Land Cruiser is available in three different configurations, depending on where you’ll need your FJ45 to take you.

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 is effortlessly cool, rugged, and memorable. This truck is right at home tackling off-road terrain, and just as at home while sparkling in a showroom.

Here’s why the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 really stands out from the rest, and why this beast has worked its way into every car enthusiasts’ dreams.

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The Land Cruiser: Toyota’s Longest Running Vehicle Model Series

A Toyota Land Cruiser pick up in a garage
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The Land Cruiser’s heritage is both rich and storied. Spanning about 70 years, the Land Cruiser has more than made a name for itself with anyone from army veterans to your neighbor down the street.

In 1951, the Land Cruiser debuts as a military vehicle to assist during the Korean War. In those days, the Land Cruiser had yet to tout its iconic name. The “BJ Prototype” just doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it as Land Cruiser does, though.

As we enter the year 1953, Toyota decides to put this vehicle into production for everyone to enjoy. The 20 series sees us through the 1950s until the year 1960. With that new decade brings a new iteration of this tough-as-nails vehicle. Technically its third generation when counting its time in the military, the 40 series of the Land Cruiser is where the legendary FJ45 finds its home.

In the United States, the FJ45’s availability ranges from 1963 to 1967. Though the FJ45 saw a short lifespan in the U.S., worldwide markets saw this 4WD for a few more decades – from 1960 to 1984.

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What’s So Special About The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 3
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Workhorse is a term thrown around a lot in regard to vehicles, but for the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45, this is the most accurate definition for its capabilities. The FJ45 looks like it would be at home in an Indiana Jones film, and it is indeed ready for anything you throw at it!

For all of that hype, let’s take a look at the specs of what the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 has to offer.

You can expect to find a 3 speed 3.9 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine that produces around 125 horsepower, and somewhere in the mid 200s ft-lbs of torque. When you’re behind the wheel of this Land Cruiser, you also stand to gain about 8 inches of clearance, 18 gallons of gasoline capacity, fuel economy of 11 to 16 miles per gallon, and a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.

Today, you can expect a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 to run for about $50,000 – $85,000 in great shape. Custom and restomod versions will run closer to the 6 figure mark, and may even enter to the low $100,000s.

The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 holds the holy trinity of body styles – each with their own unique twist.

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The first configuration is the 4-door wagon, which in looks and practicality is akin to a Suburban, Jeep, or Hummer. The trunk is enclosed with a four seat arrangement. This makes this version a great option for climates that see extreme weather conditions, ensuring that cargo stays dry and out of the elements.

The second body style of the FJ45 is the long bed, which is a 2 seater pickup truck approach with removable doors. Also included are a removable top, tie down loops, and a squared bed. Naturally, the larger bed makes this model ideal for multipurpose cargo of almost any size.

The third and final configuration of this off-roader is the short bed, which is also a two-seater. The short bed style has a removable top and removable doors, and an option for a hard top. The short bed option has a rounded bed, and its smaller footprint compared to the other two possibilities makes it a more casual truck where hauling cargo maybe was more occasional.

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Why You Should Get Your Hands On The Toyota FJ45

Toyota Landcruiser FJ45LV
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The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 is an adventure vehicle that looks like it could handle any terrain and any task. For being a part of Toyota’s Land Cruiser family, the FJ45 is a true vintage collectible.

Land Cruisers are world-renown as expedition vehicles. Land Cruisers can take you just about anywhere you can dream of! When you think of the most sturdy and reliable SUVs, your mind lands on a Land Cruiser.

Toyota has brought us classic mainstays such as the Camry and Corolla. But we need to give credit where credit is due – Toyota makes a mean all-terrain vehicle in the form of the Land Cruiser. Rugged good looks and a robust engine are just bonuses. The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 shows all of this off in spades.

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