20-Year-Old Emma Raducanu’s Daring ‘Porsche’ Adventure Opens Up a New Career Opportunity for the British Star

Ethel Walsh

The British tennis star, Emma Raducanu has already cemented her place as one of the top players on the WTA tour. She stunned the whole tennis community after clinching a Grand Slam title at such a young age. However, Raducanu’s skills and talents extend beyond the realms of tennis. The former US Open champion was recently spotted revealing her latent talent for driving high-performance sports auto vehicles.


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Raducanu was spotted enjoying the thrill of driving and racing the German automobile brand, Porsche 911 GT3 model. A slew of fans also took note of Raducanu driving the high-performance sports auto vehicle. The fans were further amused as they reacted to the same on social media.

Raducannu becomes a brand ambassador


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The 20 years old tennis star previously made a huge collaboration as an ambassador with the German automobile brand. Since then, Emma Raducanu has often been spotted posing with some of the most luxurious cars from the high-performance sports auto vehicle brand, Porsche. The former US Open champion has now taken it to a whole new level as she was recently spotted driving a $161,100 Porsche 911 GT3 Model.


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The German automobile brand also shared a video clip of Raducanu driving their high-performance sports vehicle. A large number of fans also came across the video clip on social media. They were further stunned to witness the “Brilliant driving” skills of the British tennis player.

Fans react to Emma Raducanu driving the German automobile brand, Porsche

Notably, one of the fans also stated, “First she wins grand slam. Next she wins Grand Prix”

Another fan expressed that he was,Jealous”

Meanwhile, one of the fans suggested an alternative professional path for Raducanu. The fan stated, You F1 career awaits!”

Another fan reacted by saying, “Perhaps a change in careers is needed. She seems happier doing this then playing tennis”

Other fans had also a similar opinion after witnessing Raducanu’s driving skills. One of the fans urged her by saying, “You could be an F1 driver. Come on EMMA. Do it”

Meanwhile, some of the fans lavished praise on the tennis star. One of the fans said, “Wow Emma, cutest coolest Porsche racer”

Another fan appreciated her by saying, “Another level for this beautiful young lady!”


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Other fans reacted,

“Porsches and Tennis”

What do you think of the British tennis player’s amazing skill of driving a high-performance sports auto vehicle like Porsche? Let us know in the comments section


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