Watch A BMW F80 M3 Challenge A Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk And Other European Sports Cars

Ethel Walsh

The powerful BMW takes a stand at the drag strip against the overwhelming odds of three Mercedes-Benz AMGs, two Audis, and a Jeep super SUV.

There are many BMW fans each with a different preference for which M3 model they believe is the best. Upon accounting for legends such as the E30, E36, and E46, the much younger F80 is unlikely to possess the same legendary status as its processors. Perhaps the F80 M3 needs more time to prove itself.

This is especially clear in the latest drag racing video from cvdzijden – Supercar Videos. Following a 550-hp BMW F80 M3 with an M-Performance exhaust, it’s very exciting to see an M-Series car at the 1/4 mile drag strip taking on various Audi and Mercedes-Benz performance models, as well as a Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk. Yet, the results from this video aren’t likely to impress M3 fans.

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The Variety Of BMW F80 M3 Challengers

In the first race, the F80 M3 found itself against a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The performance sedans launched simultaneously from a dig and remained neck and neck until the end. It’s difficult to decipher the winner, though the strength of the M3 never fell behind.

The BMW would attempt to take on the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG in its second race. But the results are also obscured following a neck-and-neck sprint.

The third race was a far less-balanced competition. The M3 found itself racing a Mercedes-Benz GLE63 AMG Coupe. The GLE63 AMG received a head start and surprisingly managed to keep its lead despite the efforts of the M3 to catch up.

This loss against the performance SUV foreshadows the results of the fourth race when the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk arrived. A near-simultaneous launch resulted in the Trackhawk sprinting away and leaving the M3 in the dust.

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A Brief Analysis Of The BMW F80 M3’s Competition

Blue BMW F80 M3 and Blue Audi RS4 Avant
Source: YouTube @ cvdzijden – Supercar Videos

It’s clear both the Cherokee Trackhawk and GLE63 AMG have an all-wheel-drive advantage that propelled them further and faster down the drag strip. Similarly, the BMW’s final race against an Audi RS4 Avant B8 achieved the same results. By then, the pavement dampened and the M3’s struggling rear-wheel power lost to Audi’s famous all-wheel-drive superiority.

There was almost no competition in the fifth race against an Audi R8 V10 Performance which stands in a class above the four-door M3. Though it’s mildly disappointing how the M3’s only clear victory came in the sixth race against a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, a car in a class below the sports saloon.

At the very least, the F80 M3 managed a significant battle with the two AMGs that are in its sports car class. The race against the C63 and CLS63 remains a thrilling experience.

Though if one desires greater power at the drag strip, the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk appears to be the most attractive sleeper option considering the other is a GLE Coupe. The Cherokee Trackhawk’s top speed of 180 mph makes it faster than the Cherokee SRT. With an estimated MSRP of $90,070, the Trackhawk is also more affordable than many of the other M3 opponents.

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