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MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 November 14, 2022 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:30 PM at the Mitchell Middle School 800 West 10th. Avenue, Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Matthew Christiansen, Shawn Ruml, Brittni Flood, and Terry Aslesen. Absent: None. Others present: Dr. Joseph Graves Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager, and Student representatives Dawson Schroeder & Claire Hegg. Motion #355193 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion #355194 Motion by Ruml, seconded by Christiansen to approve the consent agenda, which includes the personnel items and claims. New Classified Hire: Angela Herrick, ParaEducator/MHS, $13.75, 7 hrs./day, effective November 14, 2022. New Certified Hires: McKenzie Mertens, Assistant Girls Basketball, $3,937, effective 2022-23 school year. Change In Hours: Cody Jenkins, ParaEducator/MHS, 3.5 hrs./day to 3 hrs./day, effective 2022-23 school year. Kayla Petersen, ParaEducator/LO, 7 hrs./day to 7.25 hrs./day, effective November 1, 2022. Resignation: Deb Lunder, Food Service/LO, effective October 30, 2022. Dawn Swenson, Administrative Assistant/GBR, effective November 15, 2022. Transfer: Amanda Klein, Food Service/MHS to ParaEducator/MMS, $15.00/hr.,7.25 hrs./day, effective October 24, 2022. MTC Hires: Matt Bilben, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Instructor, $40,327.78, effective November 7, 2022. Motion carried. During public commentary, the school board heard from citizens on the administration/police response to the fake shooter incident at the High School, CRT teachings and social study standards, a rise in RSV cases in the state, and 2nd amendment rights. The School Board heard from Geri Beck, Director of the Chamber of Commerce, on the happenings going within the Chamber to promote the City of Mitchell. Motion #355195 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Christiansen to approve the following bids for the Mitchell Technical College Ag Power/Diesel Lab Building: Bid Item Low Bidder Amount Earthwork Schoenfelder Construction Inc. (Mitchell, SD) $467,500 Rammed Aggregate Piers Peterson Contractors Inc. (Reinbeck, IA) $126,250 Asphalt Paving Spencer Quarries Inc. (Spencer, SD) $122,000 Concrete East River Contracting (Watertown, SD) $622,361 Masonry Northland Concrete & Masonry (Shakopee, MN) $28,975 Precast & Steel Magnum Contracting Inc. (Fargo, ND) $471,700 Precast Supply Collins Precast LLC (Iroquois, SD) $1,219,806 Structural Steel Katelman Steel Fabrication (Council Bluffs, IA) $812,400 Roofing Guarantee Roofing (Sioux Falls, SD) $579,190 General Carpentry McGough (Sioux Falls, SD) $284,320 BiFold Doors Upper Midwest Garage Door (Mitchell, SD) $50,400 Overhead Doors Upper Midwest Garage Door (Mitchell, SD) $36,500 Aluminum Framed Storefronts/Glazing Interstate Glass & Door (Mitchell, SD) $72,024 Cold Formed Metal Framing/Drywall Olympic Companies, Inc. (Sioux Falls, SD) $10,180 Acoustical Ceilings FM Acoustical (Sioux Falls, SD) $5,994 Resilient Floor No Bids Received -0- Painting Select Painting (Harrisburg, SD) $8,900 Hoists & Cranes No Bids Received -0- Fire Suppression Howe, Inc. (Sioux Falls, SD) $90,180 Plumbing Krohmer Plumbing (Mitchell, SD) $404,817 HVAC Tessier’s Inc. (Mitchell, SD) $398,720 Electrical- Communications Muth Electric, Inc. (Mitchell, SD) $434,860 Landscaping Landscape Garden Centers (Sioux Falls, SD) $61,030 Add/Trench Drain Cover Katelman Steel Fabrication (Council Bluffs, IA) $61,030 Add/BiFold Door Finishes Guarantee Roofing (Sioux Falls, SD) $146,866 Other Estimated Cost $530,855 Subtotal of Construction Costs $7,353,618.00 Permits, Fees, Excise Tax, etc. $447,939.00 Construction Management Fee-3.38% (McGough, Sioux Falls, SD) $299,849.00 Construction Contingency 3% $407,957.00 Grand Total of Construction Costs $8,866,949.00 Design/Architectural Fee-6.25% Puetz Design+Build (Mitchell, SD) $554,184.31 Owner Requested Contingency-3.25% (Office of State Engineer) $310,400.00 Office of State Engineer Fee $25,436.66 Total Project Costs $9,756,969.97 Notes: Subcontractor Bids are subject to change pending final review of OSE & McGough All Fees are percentage based and may change slightly as costs are finalized Unobligated balance of $243,030.03 is available for MTC to purchase fixtures, furnishings, and equipment. This project is being paid by a $5,000,000 grant from State of SD and $5,000,000 national donation. Motion carried. Motion #355196 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to approve revisions on first reading Board Policy 1141: Community Use of Facilities, which now includes the fees associated with using the Performing Arts Center. Motion carried. Motion #355197 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Ruml to approve the revised Comprehensive Special Education Plan for the Mitchell School District for the 2022-2023 school year. The one change that is noted is the State of SD has changed the age range for eligibility for a designation of ‘developmental delay’ from 3 through 5 to 3 through 9. Motion carried. Motion #355198 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the return to schools protocols as required under federal regulations. There are no changes to these protocols. Motion carried. Motion #355199 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to declare the following surplus property so that we can put it up for sale. Holz-Her Edge Bander 1416, Model # 1666. Motion carried. School Board members reported on the meetings they had attended since the last meeting. During the Superintendent’s report, Dr. Graves mentioned that the High School Project Bid specifications are being extended for an additional two weeks to allow the Architects to finalize them prior to sending out to bidders. Also, Dr. Graves started his review of the District Report card as of June 30, 2022. Motion #355200 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to adjourn the meeting at 6:51 pm. Motion carried. Cash Balance as of October 31, 2022 Beginning Balance, $20,580,944 General Fund Balance $8,180,350 Capital Outlay Balance $4,317,153, Special Education Balance $1,317,885, Mitchell Tech Balance $3,548,127, Food Service Balance $1,389,121, Driver’s Ed Balance $7,956, T/A Balance $2,456,554, James Valley Coop Balance ($83,330), Capital Projects Fund Balance ($552,873) Total Revenue, $4,838,920 General Fund $1,234,087, Capital Outlay $96,208, Special Education $213,812, Mitchell Tech $2,553,021, Food Service $192,713, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $549,079, James Valley Coop $-0-, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Total Expenditures, $5,316,933 General Fund $1,858,140, Capital Outlay $191,111, Special Education $464,152, Mitchell Tech $2,056,334, Food Service $155,006, Driver’s Ed $10,136, T/A $532,461, James Valley Coop $45,593, Capital Projects Fund $4,000. Ending Balance, $20,102,931 General Fund $7,556,297, Capital Outlay $4,222,250, Special Education $1,067,545, Mitchell Tech $4,044,814, Food Service $1,426,828, Driver’s Ed $(2,180), T/A $2,473,172, James Valley Coop $(128,922), Capital Projects Fund $(556,873) General Fund A Ox Welding Supply Welding Supplies 184.12 AT&T Mobility Cell Phone Usage 2,276.12 Abbott House August Tuition/Aux Placement Funds 74,882.63 Abe/Mitchell Painting 1,056.23 Al’s Engraving Signs 6.95 AmericInn Lodging 273.98 Andersen, Maddie Debate Judge 100.00 Arctic Refrigeration Equipment Repairs 251.32 ASBSD Registration Fees 45.00 Augustana University Entry Fee 300.00 Avera Queen Of Peace PT Services 14,496.00 Beedle, Harvey Vehicle Repair 151.53 Bender’s Sewer/Drain Drain Cleaning 1,882.00 Big E Auto Service Vehicle Service 2,209.29 Biggerstaff, Stacie Program Supplies 82.94 Boone, Colin FB Official 149.84 Brad’s Instrument Repair Instrument Maintenance 721.62 Brandon Valley Band Parents Registration Fee 100.00 Break Time Portables Toilet Rental 684.00 Business Essentials Copy Paper 25,923.40 Carlson, Greg FB Official 151.28 Century Link Telephone Lines 75.66 Childs, Jody Staff Appreciation 206.13 Christensen, Keith Library Supplies 7.44 City Of Mitchell Water/Sewer/3 Mo. 46,004.88 City Of Mitchell Landfill Fees 26.70 CK Bicycles/Locks Service Calls/Key Blanks 197.49 Contract Paper Group Color Copy Paper 9,907.20 Crossroads Lodging 42.50 Cubby’s Fuel/Program Supplies 1,535.12 Daily Republic Minutes/Advertising 715.48 Daily Republic Subscription Renewal 66.00 Dakota Potters Supply Art Supplies 419.34 Dakota Pump Motor Replaced 4,146.93 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 149.60 Daylight Donuts/Coffee Baked Goods 82.65 Demco Library Supplies 208.88 Desmond, Erin Piano Accompanist 120.00 Devine, Kelly VB Official 160.38 Dial Corporation Membership Fee 100.00 Ed’s Pet World Program Supplies 6.99 Erdmann, Danielle Conference Supplies 25.39 Farmers Alliance Fuel 409.60 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel/Program Expenses 7,840.97 Flinn Scientific Classroom Supplies 369.73 Foreman Bus Repair 200.00 Fox Paint And Blinds Painting Supplies 215.96 Gerlach, Cynthia Pro Start Training 98.76 GF Advertising Services Program Supplies 439.25 Graham Tire Company Vehicle Repair 503.23 Grainger O/M Supplies 815.12 Harrisburg Fall Festival Entry Fees 60.00 Heckenlaible, Lisa Title Program Conference 64.34 Hillsview Golf Course Golf Fees 121.00 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 16,763.51 Honda Of Mitchell Repair Parts 81.38 Honke, Janel VB Official 144.06 Huber, Lloyd Piano Tuning 180.00 Interstate All Battery Center Batteries 212.30 J & P Roofing Systems Roof Repairs 10,180.61 Johnson Controls Service Call/PAC 209.51 Jon Gordon Companies Energy Bus Program 2,900.00 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 10,086.74 Jostens Yearbooks 26,232.62 Kenkel, Alex FB Official 215.72 KONE Chicago Elevator Maintenance 2,324.85 Konrad, Erin Classroom Supplies 32.97 Koons, Karla Jumpstart Supplies 69.64 Korzan, Mathias Debate Judge 100.00 Kreutzfeldt, Ryker Program Supplies 216.15 Krohmer Plumbing Service Call 1,971.11 Kurita America O/M Supplies 1,857.48 Larson, Pat Course Fee 134.60 Lightspeed Technologies Program Supplies 48.00 Lodge At Deadwood Lodging 376.00 Macgill Nurses’ Supplies 413.17 Make It Mine Design Banners 160.00 Mastel, Bruce State Girls Tennis 60.35 Mc Inroy, Dawn VB Official 160.38 Mcleods Office Supply Printed Material/Supplies 392.72 Mcquillan, Sean Fuel 30.00 Mebius Nursery Grounds Supplies 182.00 Mega Wash Vehicle Washes 71.00 Menards O/M/Program Supplies 707.28 Mertens, Mckenzie Course Fee 35.00 Meyerink, Jeff Golf Supplies 154.26 Mid Dakota Equipment Washer Repair 265.00 Midco Business Telephone 4,146.87 Midwest Fire/Safety Extinguisher Inspection/Supplies 3,372.50 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 7,170.67 Miller, Madison-Ainsley Debate Supplies 35.18 Mitchell Iron/Supply O/M Supplies 79.33 Mitchell Music Boosters Musician’s Friend 1,039.46 Moller, Patrick State Girls Tennis 117.75 Morgan, Teresa Subscription 35.88 Murphy, Kathryn Program Supplies 63.13 Muth Electric Electrical Service/Supplies 435.38 Nebraska Air Filter Air Filters 2,364.94 Nepstads Flower Shop Flowers 296.00 Neugebauer, Lakin FB Official 125.00 Neugebauer, Landon FB Official 144.08 Northern SD NADA District District Dues 125.00 Northwest Pipe Fittings O/M Supplies 1,509.40 ODP Business Solutions Program Supplies 396.91 Office Advantage Staples 509.94 On Sight MCTEA 1,500.00 Overdrive E Books 3,000.00 Paulson Air Water Tower Repair 8,383.94 Pepper Music 1,331.04 Perma/ Bound Library Books 465.89 Popplers Music Store Music Supplies 474.40 Positive Promotions Classroom Supplies 145.05 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 1,216.33 R School Today Software Subscription 589.66 Ramkota Hotel Lodging 1,034.91 Really Good Stuff Program Supplies 91.22 Region 3 Principals Membership Dues 50.00 Region V Music Contest Entry Fees 85.00 Riddell All American Sports FB Supplies 1,221.95 Riverside Technologies Managed Services 600.00 Savvas Learning Digital Software 7,242.00 Schmitt Music Sheet Music 122.45 Scholastic Magazines Subscription 87.89 School Specialty Classroom Supplies 1,473.78 Scott Supply Co Repair Parts 23.18 SDAAE Membership Dues 65.00 SDAESP Region 4 Elementary Lodging 225.00 Sherwin Williams Paint Supplies 30.99 SHI International Corp Software 42.00 Skinner, Suzanne Sew Machine Foot 66.90 Snoozy, Marlett Mileage 10.71 Subway Girls Tennis meals 333.34 Sun Gold Sports Program Supplies 325.00 Talley, Katrina Course Fees 70.00 Tessier’s Service Call/MCTEA 8,415.45 Triotel Communications Telephone/Colonies 124.70 Tru By Hilton Rapid City Lodging 1,048.00 Tyler, Stephanie Meeting Supplies 18.01 USI Education/Gov’t Sales Laminating Film 295.59 Vatter-Miller, Melissa Theatre Supplies 271.55 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 2,538.29 Walmart Program Supplies 684.76 Weed, Kim VB Official 128.64 Widstrom, Kendra Mentor Mileage 205.98 Total General Fund 344,970.40 Capital Outlay Big Dog Concrete Concrete Pad/MCTEA 9,183.69 Blick Art Materials Art Equipment 600.15 Direct Digital Controls Smoke Damper Project/LBW 13,500.00 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Office Equipment 2,326.25 Learning W/O Tears Software 651.75 NASCO Art Equipment 12,463.28 Office Advantage Printing Contract 4,705.80 Popplers Music Store Music Curriculum 149.89 Riverside Technologies Computer Equipment 33,383.28 Savvas Learning Co Digital Software 91,598.63 School Specialty Classroom Equipment 2,969.04 Tessier’s MCTEA Furnace Replacements 12,633.33 US Bank Debt Service 94,582.50 Xerox Financial Services Copiers Lease 1,045.96 Total Capital Outlay Fund 279,793.55 Special Education Abbott House August Tuition 1,035.00 Career Connections Tuition 64.44 Children’s Care Hospital Tuition 24,990.00 Crisis Prevention Institute Workbooks 1,639.60 Driscoll, Kristi Registration Fees 99.00 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel/Program Expenses 389.96 Hamburg, Amanda Meal 15.00 Innovative Office Solutions Program & Office Supplies 218.52 ISI Interpreter Services 19,422.00 Lakeshore Learning Materials Classroom Supplies 4.99 Life Quest Tuition 8,900.00 LightSpeed Technologies Batteries 21.00 Maeschen, Rachel Registration 99.99 Palace Transit Student Transportation 3,545.98 School Specialty Classroom Supplies 1,521.10 SD Dept/Human Services Tuition 30,416.92 Total Special Education Fund 92,383.50 Post Secondary Fund 44 Interactive Advertising 11,680.00 A & G Diesel Compound 84.80 A Ox Welding Supply Welding/Equipment Repairs 2,200.48 Advance Auto Parts Fuel Filter 5.99 Al’s Engraving Vinyl, Shelves, Acrylic Name Plate 361.00 Alacron, Ashley Clinical Visit 43.00 American Culinary Federation Accreditation/Annual Fee 750.00 Appletoft, Donna AAMA National Convention 171.00 Aramark Rugs/Campus Center 743.34 Auto Body Specialties Supplies 130.03 Automatic Building Controls Service Fire Alarms 851.02 Badlands Quilting Quilts For Eagle Feather Ceremony 1,545.00 Bailey Metal Fabricators Diesel Power/Tube Sched 122.66 Basin Electric Power Coop Monthly Lease/Materials 5,879.31 Bender’s Sewer & Drain Cleanout Drain/Fitness Center 370.00 Big E Auto Service Vehicle repairs 853.36 Border States Electric Bus Support 4in Tube 1,437.12 Brinkman, Noah Meal 69.82 Brookings Register 2022 Higher Ed Guide 349.00 Buhl’s Dry Cleaning Culinary Linens 52.05 Business Essentials Copy Paper 2,729.00 C & B Operations supplies 61.69 Car Quest Auto Parts Air Filter/Oil Filter/Oil 358.23 Cash-WA Distributing Cafe Supplies 406.60 City Of Mitchell Water/Sewer for 3 months 26,370.64 Civco Radiotherapy UNI Frame 679.00 Cole Papers Replaced Key Switch On Scrubber 231.00 Concordance Health Solutions Med Assist/Cassette Test 687.03 Contreras, Janel MTC Volleyball Teams 250.00 County Fair Supplies 643.46 Crazy Lady Consulting Additional Work Above Contract 4,520.00 Daily Republic Advertising 2,343.88 Dakota Horsepower Carburetor 54.61 Dakota Supply Group Fitness Center Supplies 920.41 Dales A1 Transmissions Diesel/O Rings, Gasket Seals 32.50 Davison Rural Water H2O Usage 26.00 Depot, The Meals 196.69 Digital Compliance HIPAA Training/Rad Tech 279.72 Division Of Motor Vehicles Title Fees 60.00 Domino’s/Mitchell Admissions/Exploration Day 1,334.43 ELO Prof Foundation QBO Fees 265.00 Empire Advertising 700.00 Experian Credit Bureau Services 44.00 Farmers Alliance Forklift Fuel 2,136.73 Fed Ex Foundation Shipping Charges 39.33 Golden West Technologies Tele Answering Services 25.00 Graham Tire Company Tire Repairs 49.57 Greenway, Jill Meals 32.00 Heckel Photography Travel/Setup/Location Photos 2,549.45 Herrmann, Lisa Clinical Visits 43.00 Hi Media Advertising 1,667.00 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 1,681.60 Innovative Nonprofit Consulting Services 7,900.00 Interstate Tire & Auto Oil Service 1,520.95 James Valley Landscape Sprinkler Repairs 92.25 Jimmy Johns Meals 24.48 Johnson Controls Multi Year Renewal 12,123.21 Johnson, Lisa Accreditation Workshop 157.00 Johnstone Supply Coil 81.41 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 4,031.51 Krohmer Plumbing Repair Leaking Toilet 188.04 Lamar Companies Advertising 1,100.00 Lodge At Deadwood Lodging 160.00 Maerb Ma Annual Program Service Fee 1,500.00 Make It Mine Design Mavericks Rodeo Vinyl 5,954.89 Malloy Electric Refurbish 20 HP Electric Motor 1,499.21 Master Burn Clean Boiler 339.86 Matheson Tri-Gas Welding/Lenox 8,309.55 Mega Wash Bay Rental 10.00 Menards Windows/Caulk, Tools 4,621.96 Mercury Marine Supplies 236.38 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 965.00 Mitchell Area Development Corp MADC Dues 155.00 Mitchell Iron & Supply Pipe 119.65 Mobridge Tribune Advertising 700.00 Motor Market Advertising 650.00 Munsen, Mark Memorial 50.00 Napa Central Oil 545.76 National Council For Sara Annual Sara Fee 2,000.00 Nedds Dues 200.00 Nedved Media All School Quiz Bowl Sponsor 3,699.32 New Chef Fashion Chefs Coats 57.88 Norfolk Area Shopper 2022 College Guide Advertising 1,190.00 Norfolk Daily News Advertising 514.00 Northwest Vet Supplies 44.18 O’Reilly Auto Parts Supplies 31.97 Office Advantage Printing Contract 3,113.42 Petrik Sanitation Cardboard Service 120.00 Plagmann, Sheryl Foundation Decorations 95.21 Ponderosa Rentals Storage Unit Rent/October 160.00 Powerschool Group Talented Single Sign On 953.41 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Pro Contracting 3rd Party Testing 360.00 Proctorfree Hosting Fee Monthly/Proctored Exams 1,662.00 Prostrollo Motor Sales FBM Impala Tire Repairs 76.02 Qualified Presort Service Postage 4,657.23 Regents/University Of Minnesota Finpack Subscript Educator 600.00 Riverside Technologies Desktop Mini 1,398.00 Runnings Supply Welding/Nozzle 1,653.89 Russell, Devon Supplies 135.00 S & M Printing Supplies 88.00 SAGA Communications SD Advertising 478.00 Schoenfelder Portables Rentals/Portable Toilets 220.00 Schramm, Eric Pierre Construction Camp 47.00 Schultz, Jennifer SDSLHA Convention/Lab Group 100.00 SD Board Of Nursing Site Visit 514.36 SD Federal Property Agency Supplies 402.00 SDASFAAA Decentralized Training 120.00 SDTEA Registration/Exhibitor Fee 75.00 SHI International Corp Backup 1,252.35 Sisson Printing Workforce Recruitment Brochure 2,574.04 Smith, Marla Conference Lodging 408.84 Snap-On Industrial Tools 9,835.03 Stan Houston Equipment Substation/Supplies 1,953.39 Steam Digital Video Shoot/Editing 7,660.00 Steffen, Dale 3rd Party Tester 2,610.00 Stickney Coop Elevator Feed Samples/Nutrition Class 105.00 Sturdevant’s Auto Parts Supplies 16.48 Swenson Bros. Marine Boat Trailers 1,200.00 Swett, Amya College Fairs/Western 117.00 Unisa Payment Center/Perkins Loan 424.42 United Laboratories Liqui-Zyme Newberry 612.34 US Bank Operations Center October Facility Fees 49,578.26 Van Diest Supply Company Spray kill 200.00 Vern Eide Chevrolet Towing fee 482.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 9,100.01 Walmart Program Supplies 893.51 Whiskey Creek Woodfire Grill Meals 54.00 Xerox Financial Services Copiers Lease 502.24 Yamaha Motor Corporation Engine Stand 1,444.66 Total Post-Secondary Fund $248,617.12 MTC Enterprise Fund Aramark Culinary Laundry 1,086.60 Buhl’s Dry Cleaning Culinary Linens 34.55 Cash-WA Distributing Cafe Food Supplies 16,518.04 Chesterman Company Cafe Supplies 2,069.66 County Fair Cafe Supplies 516.08 Dakota Supply Group On-site Zip Screws 96.79 Echo Group On-site House Supplies 1,787.46 JD Concrete Products On-site house materials 2,202.00 Johnstone Supply Habitat Home 53.84 Jones Supplies Cafe Supplies 1,704.28 Menards On-site house supplies 718.24 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 140.00 Mitchell Plumbing & Heating House 109/Line Clean Out 21.32 Northwestern Energy Utilities 7.42 Robideau Construction House 109/Footings 4,865.00 Schoenfelder Portables Rent/Portable Toilets 220.00 Sherwin Williams House 109/Paint 453.48 Walmart Program Supplies 77.90 Winsupply Of Sioux Falls House 109/Registers 634.50 Total MTC Enterprise Fund 33,207.16 MTC/MCTEA Academy A Ox Welding Supply Welding Supplies 449.10 Advance Auto Parts Program Supplies 62.65 Builders First Source Program Supplies 457.53 Ewell Educational Services Services 335.00 Menards O/M/Program Supplies 247.83 Napa Central Program/O/M Supplies 408.53 Runnings Supply O&M/Program Supplies 167.61 Vern Eide Chevrolet Auto Supplies 48.70 Total MTC/MCTEA Academy Fund 2,176.95 MTC Corporate Training A Ox Welding Supply Corp Ed/Industry Training 16.57 County Fair Rolls 63.87 Domino’s/Mitchell Ag Club Meals 228.19 Jimmy Johns Lunch 152.35 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 414.89 Peterson, Travis Supplies 82.00 Ruby Tuesday Meals 184.90 SD Department Of Labor Unemployment Claims 1,298.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 144.88 Walmart Program Supplies 17.00 Total MTC Corporate Training 2,602.65 Capital Projects-New Senior High School Puetz Design + Build Construction Meetings 4,000.00 Total Capital Projects Fund 4,000.00 Food Service Aramark Laundry Service 178.64 Corona Village Sales Tax Deducted 254.35 Cubby’s Fuel/Program Supplies 57.23 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 361.95 Deuter, Lorelle Lunch Refund 241.15 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 1,429.63 Krohmer Plumbing Service Call 260.39 Midwest Fire & Safety Extinguisher Inspection/Supplies 3,369.00 Smith, Maria Meal Refund 61.90 Walmart Program Supplies 40.49 Total Food Service Fund 6,254.73 MTC Campus Store Fund Blue 84,Div Of Lake Shirts Spirit Wear 777.90 Buckingham Mfg. Tools 7,594.27 Crescent Electric Supply Tools 103.95 Dakota’s Best Distributing Campus Store Snacks 481.67 Echo Group Tools/Mason Plagman Return 175.50 GFSI Spirit Wear 1,645.35 Johnstone Supply Tools 82.26 MY Sport Campus Store Spirit Items 1,597.50 National Fire Protection 2023 Nec Softbound 7,249.91 Association Nursetime RN/Ebooks Fall 2022 1,808.53 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 282.85 Snap-On Industrial Tools 9,880.05 Stan Houston Equipment Tool Kits 58,088.00 Stitch-N-Time Ag Program Shirts 2,387.00 Sun Gold Sports Welding Polo 10,402.00 United Parcel Service Freight 311.03 Walmart Program Supplies 118.06 Total MTC Campus Store Fund 102,985.83 MTC Farm Resale C & B Operations Land Lab/Oring Return 7,486.43 Farmers Alliance Land Lab/Service Call/Tire 435.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 930.32 Total MTC Farm Resale Fund 8,851.75 Drivers Education Fund Iverson’s DE Vehicle Rentals 10,136.10 Published xx times at the total approximate cost of $xxxx and may be viewed free of charge at www.sdpublicnotices.com. (Nov. 23, 2022) 124354

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